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Children's Health

Children will be children and are the least concerned about health issues and well-being. But being their parents and caregivers, we need to be aware of pitfalls to the healthy growth and development of the little ones. Our responsibilities begin even before they come into this world. It is very important for pregnant women to look after themselves and their unborn child by going in for regular check ups and leading a healthy life.

Once the child is born, immunizations top the list. Although the vaccines may have negligible side-effects, they ensure that the child is protected from many infections which if allowed to develop may even turn life-threatening. As they grow they begin going out of the house and are thus more prone to catching infections from public places or the environment. Since, we cannot possibly lock them up all the time, it’s easier to take a few precautions and create awareness at an early age. Good nutritious food, adequate exercise and good hygiene are all you need to follow. Some children have special conditions such as asthma and they need to be under constant observation.

Good nutritious food, adequate exercise and good hygiene are all you need to follow. As they grow older and begin school, their activities increase and inevitably contact sports too become a part of life. When a child plays outdoor sports make sure that he/she is wearing appropriate and protective clothing. For instance, in summer don’t let them go out without some suntan and a bottle of water. You don’t want them getting dehydrated or having a sunstroke. Try and encourage eating fruits and vegetables, preferably in their natural forms and not the processed ones.

Chocolates and sweets are a favorite at any age. Make sure they eat within limits and brush their teeth regularly. You don’t want to rush to the doctor in the middle of the night, with a toothache. Also regulate the intake of sodas and other junk food. These can also cause tooth decay and related problems.

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