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Men's Health

Good health is a priority for everyone. Children, men, women, and the elderly, all have different needs and requirements. Men are more reluctant than women to see their doctors and hence often wait until their symptoms are really severe. But the advances in technology now make it easier for various diseases to be detected early on.

There are some tips you can follow for a long and healthy life. Being physically active is a good place to start. Control your weight. Stop smoking and cut down on the alcohol, particularly as you grow older. Eat a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Have your cholesterol and blood pressure checked regularly for they are the ‘silent killers’. Keep in mind that a higher cholesterol rate makes you more prone to heart attacks and strokes. Men are 30 percent more likely to suffer a stroke than women. Experts say one in three men can expect to develop some major cardiovascular disease before the age of 60. To be on the safer side, cut down on the junk food.

Treatment for hair loss for men to help male pattern baldness. Find a specialist in your area.

It’s not only women who need to worry about the sun’s rays damaging their skin and bringing on those dreaded wrinkles. Men need to safeguard their skins too or it might lead to skin ulcers and cancers. Doctors recommend that men have regular colonoscopy and prostate serum antigen testing. Diabetes is another issue that men need to be aware of. If you have diabetes, try and keep it under control. Men with diabetes suffer more from some diabetes-related health problems than women including vision problems. Besides this, it is essential for men to be careful at the workplace. I’m not kidding. Statistics show that men die at higher rates than women and are the victims of over 92 percent of workplace deaths.

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