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Weight Loss

All of us long to shed those few extra pounds and look slim and sleek. Our weight affects not just our body but also our appearance and self-esteem. But with determination it is possible to reach that “ideal” figure. Having a positive outlook towards weight loss is the first step. Think of how good you’ll look in that bikini this summer an how great it’ll feel not to have to huff and puff up the stairs every time you forget your purse or keys!

Don’t set your goals too high; be realistic. It’s easier to meet smaller goals. It’s also more satisfying when you meet your expectations, however small. Mentally prepare yourself to stick to your plan for weeks, even months. If you keep quitting halfway it’s going to do you more harm than good. Learn to say no when you see something that will definitely pack in the calories. The easiest way to do this is to just shake your head from one side to the other!! Whenever you feel your resolve beginning to weaken, picture yourself having a heart attack or living with diabetes. Being overweight puts you at more risk for these life-threatening diseases.

Have a moderate beginning. You cannot possibly stop eating all your favorites at one go. Reduce the quantity one by one and you will begin to see the difference in the mirror. It’s also fine to have small snacks in between meals. That will not make you feel totally starved which will in turn lead to gorging during meal times. Exercising regularly along with a healthy diet will put you on the fast track. Do not turn into the weight-obsessed individual who religiously steps on the bath scale each morning right from day one of dieting. Your body weight varies from day to day and no miracle will take place within a day of dieting or exercise. But, it is possible to lose a pound a week by cutting down about 500 calories per day.

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